Tulsa Internet Marketing faq's

Are my hands tied at the end of 12 months of services?
Nope. With our E.C.O program, you can choose to do nothing after 12 months by paying one flat fee to transfer to your preferred service provider, or pay a flat monthly fee based on desired services, or continue an aggressive pace by replenishing your retainer. We reward retainer clients by doubling their retainer's value.
Any surprises like you need more money to continue?
Nope. The only extra money within our twelve months of full service to spend is for the optional hard cost of printed materials like postcards and business cards and marketing materials we may suggest you deploy in-office and to targeted home addresses. If you want services outside the scope of the E.C.O. package, then see our additional services list. We are smart workers affordable at any pace you choose to build your practice.
how long will it take to see results?
Some results are quick and some require significant time. Are you familiar with the "Tortoise and Hare" story? We believe dependable, consistent work is superior. And that is exactly what today's Google rules require. Establishing and positioning your digital estate takes all of twelve months. Business owners who promote staff and patient involvement will see returns in the first quarter of our process.
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MEDICAL NEWS: HIPAA Truths and myths

Medical records and HIPAA are inseparable. But separate the myths from the facts and you’ll get clarity on common misconceptions. The majority of organizational leaders responsible for both CEs and BAs are uninformed on how the HITECH Act has strenghtened the privacy and security rules. We're not providing legal advice here. Some basic understanding can set you free, though.

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Donald Trump & Robert Kiyosaki

"Excellent work, Jim."


"Jim Korakis has done a masterful job of creating a digital presence for Tulsa Public Schools that is larger-than-life..."

taylor media (nbc, abc, fox)

"To say I highly recommend Jim Korakis would be an understatement. Jim has created many projects for me and each time with impeccable precision as well as incredibly fast and effieicent delivery. Creative design, cutting edge approach, excellent communications and an ease of working relationship mark who Jim is all about. Bottom-line, he does what he says he will do."

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