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My Clients own and control their Googled name (where prospects make their decision about them). I aggressively fix and remove outdated information, reviews, directories, and streamline Their WORD-OF-MOUTH referral revenue. Contact Me Personally Today to learn more.

I meet with professionals personally every week. When I tell them about what the Digimed Agency does, it translates initially as: "Oh, you can make me come up first when people search my specialty;" "You can make a web site for me, I need one of those;" "You can help get my old addresses cleaned up." My answer is, "Yes, we do that, but let me explain what is more important..."

The Digimed Agency, Tulsa's Premier Internet Marketing Firm is sweet as a roseYOUR NAME. Long standing wisdom literature teaches that a good name is more valuable than great riches. One way I interpret this: Riches can dissipate when your name is tarnished. But with a great name, unlimited profit, staying power and influence are yours. This timeless principle has never been more applicable than in today's digital world where anybody from anywhere with a mobile device can search out your name (and will trust what they find). For most professionals, Google has become the most feared background check. But the value of your name goes beyond people searching it out.

The internet boom is much like the Gold Rush of America's past. Folks flocked from everywhere to stake their claim on open territory - first come first served. Those first claimants had an immense advantage over newcomers. The same is true today in the digital world.

Many enterprising folks have already staked THEIR claim on YOUR NAME - right now over 100 review sites have structured businesses around YOUR NAME - they make millions selling advertising on your back (and every professional with a license) when people search out YOUR NAME. There will only ever be ONE YOU in this world. And on the internet, the Digimed Agency helps you take control of what is yours.

We digitally socialize you to get the word out to humans and search bots alike. Why? Because a great business site and expensive SEO that draws you first won't matter if you don't own what happens when someone searches out your name to verify you. It is that simple.

The key to premier Internet Marketing in Tulsa is communitizing your patient baseCOMMUNITIZING YOUR CUSTOMER BASE. I've expounded on the value of digital community in our "why us" section. But here, I want to present "communitizing your customer base" in terms of how it affects YOUR NAME. The Digimed Agency service is designed to streamline what we call your "word-of-mouth referral revenue." This is tremendously beneficial for all the obvious reasons. But our underlying purpose is to create customer activity on your web site that provides value for your viewers. In the world of "staking your claim," it is this activity which, over time, will raise your name and reputation to the top of those who are unethically claiming you.

Google is changing constantly to robotically detect true value on the internet. With this same value initiative, we grow your business and simultaneously secure what is essential but invisible to the eye - YOUR NAME. Working with your customer base is absolutely essential to establishing you online. Your name is what protects all other activity from being vulnerable - THE decision about you is made ultimately with a name search. With Digimed Agency services, you are digitally empowered to control that which establishes trust.



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Jim Korakis is Tulsa's Premier Internet Marketing Expert at the Digimed Agency
james j. korakis, Chief Resultant

Jim Korakis has over twenty years experience in marketing and media. After business graduate school, he started Triune Entertainment in Los Angles and grew to include Nashville and New York.

Jim is the consummate professional who believes great business is simple, clear and concise. To date, his clientele have included Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, Clifton Taulbert (Pulitzer nominee), Tulsa Public Schools (the largest school district in Oklahoma), Politicians, Lending Institutions, Accounting Firms and more.

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